Dear Editor

Dear editor,

So my submission is about... Fuck. I don't know I forget. Probably prose? Yeah, that makes sense. I probably wrote prose. Oh and like, It's science-fiction. I know that because everybody keeps telling me all I write is science fiction. I mean eeeeverybooody. I mean from "that's your thing, man!" down to "Are you still doing that?"

When people say "are you still doing that" I always gotta just say "I guess," because it's nice to be known for something. But I sort of wish I was known for my singing voice, even though I have a crappy singing voice because I like to sing a lot, and I wish it were something people asked me to do more

Okay so like it's a science-fiction story, and it's probably a sad story even though it's got a ton of jokes in it, and someone is going to complain that the jokes kind of ruin it so I'll take them out but then it will be so depressing so I'll actually just take all my scrap note-paper and try to make origami while watching youtube tutorials.

So it's a science fiction story. And it's not about my singing voice. and it's not so much star wars science fiction because I'm not good at spaceships or fight scenes or badguys.

So it's a science fiction story, and it's probably about a lonely cyborg, who gets uncomfortable when people ask if they have genitals, and who makes comments on how gentrified Toronto is getting, and who designs escape rooms and carnival mazes for a living and when people ask what their job is they like to say "I help people get lost"

hey, that's pretty good. Alexa save to notes.

and it's probably about 4000 words.

Wait that's too much.

It's probably about 350 words.

Ben Berman Ghan is a writer and editor, and you know what I don't know anymore because I'm graduating and I'm stressed, and can I even call myself a writer/editor when I'm not writing/editing?

Oh geez, oh geez, this is stupid, it's only me responding to a tweet. Please don't think I'm a jerk.



Thank you for your time and consideration,

Ben Berman Ghan

Ben Berman Ghan thinks writing his bio in the third person makes him obnoxious and he believes his girlfriend is embarrassed that he never wears matching socks; you can buy his book here.