[transmigrations of longing]

grapefruit growing pains offer me up to
the jaws of psychostasia & say
remember me, say my name with honey eyes so

i am not lonely like adam’s ribcage
go to the sore navel of the world
to grow uterine daisies

out of my wily womanhood
before i grow conscious of these organs and
bleed onto the typewriter that

taught me a prophet’s hamartia
is the sadness of geography
leather crosswords & cotton-tip fists

gauzed by god or gaged by guilt
boots on the terra nullius
of reshmi regressions

to choose is to lose
not diving into the
warmest wave of you

i know it well
the sweet fish
have their routes too

before i exit
i am intentional
with the minerals

i elect to grow
in my mouth
to be unique is to survive

the monsoon of flora
and fauna in that
caustic-cold canal

i am not afraid anymore
to be a rudderless rêveuse
in retrograde motion

breaking and braking before
the lady of heaven
casts her spell

in the night and
blinds me with all-that

perhaps memory is mutiny
un-death at a master’s door
when i arrive in wholes

i am the shahmaran
she who drowns oceans
a self-actualizing angel

peerless intellect first love
snake-girl embroidered into
the margins of the deepreal

if this flight is forever
my minds daily sabbaticals spell
biology + she-her-hers ≠ sacrificial love

Irteqa Khan is a Muslim-Canadian poet from the prairies working on poems that smell laundered, taste warm, and sound ferocious.