Pocket Camp Poems

Screenshot from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Screenshot from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


listen – there’s no one around to help

is a lie I told myself when the sun

went down and left me to my stones,

my untended gardens, my pockets

full of dead or dying insects, my head

empty of all its water, the thirst I felt

met by oceans. but migratory animals

are always in the process of returning

and I’ve made a home out of patience,

a shelter out of presence, and an open

palm pink with the promise of ripe fruit,

all this here to say: look – I am around.


look up! they added a feature

that makes it possible to see the sky


every day overflowing with presence

every day its own reward

every day complete!

Terrence Abrahams was co-parented by the Animal Crossing series.