Steak, Medium


Disembodied and tasty

Guilty sustenance

They ask me how I want it cooked.

I ask them what are my options

They say the chef only does it one way.

I ask why they would ask my preference if the chef only does it one way

They say that’s the rule.

I let this notion massage my mind. I say, ok what is the option

They say the steak is served as the medium.

I was perplexed. I say that's fine.

They input the order.

//Order: Steak//

I am served a TV set. On the screen lies the image of a steak

I wonder what I am supposed to do with this information

Eat it? my thoughts ar eeatingm e.

The screen lowers and I reach my fork, my hand, into the screen and stab the meat.

I bring the slab to my face, this meat, an extension of my eye

Has bold flavour , I can taste the joy in the revolution.

The waiter asks, "how are you enjoying your perception of the steak?"

As a product of my entireexistence, in the here and now, with the entirety of the future of the

world unfolding before my eyes I say, "It's alright."

But really, it was like chewing on the sole of a shoe.

Turns out it was a shoe sole

Shaped like a steak.

I hit my step count today.

Samantha Greco is from Toronto, Ontario, and spends her free time walking a rose laden heath to find her words by listening to the humming honey bees.