terrestrial helium

terrestrial helium

terrestrial helium has often been

considered to be a non-renewable resource

because once released into the atmosphere

it readily escapes into space.*

regarding voyager I (1977)

voyager I has been found;

it has been turned around

and politely pushed back

in the direction it came from,

assumed to be lost.

armageddon shaped like a key

you know, you say some things like they're the end of the world.

90 million miles today, tomorrow

your cold eyes run

lost into a dead field of stars,

brushing their palms through them and

feeling the course, hard light, fading;

make no mistake: there is

undeniable warmth

in the reliable sun.

such nice things

why did you have to say

such nice things

to me?

your words appear to be made

entirely out of

terrestrial helium.*

palaeozoic daydream

ah, the next time around,

i think i’ll be

a trilobite.

*okay, poetic metaphors aside, let’s be honest

in the end, we were all very wrong about helium;

there is so much buried beneath the Earth’s crust,

released by volcanos, created by radioactive decay;

we simply can’t get enough of the stuff

your words are made of the steam

that rises from fresh tea and

i’m sorry for freaking out earlier

Sam Avery currently lives in Montreal where they are attending Concordia University and hoping that things will be okay.